#8 Becca Dilldine, Striped Jars.jpg

Growing up, my dad was in the military, which required our family to move around often to different places.  This shaped my love for travel and exploration of new environments. Each home offered new surroundings for me to explore, whether it was trails in the woods, sandy deserts, rocky waterfalls, or vacant barns. Being an only child, my dog Loey was my best friend, and I relied on him to always be up for an adventure. We would go on walks for hours discovering new things together. I began collecting objects that Loey and I would find on our walks from these different settings. I would keep any shell, leaf, rock, or flower that caught my eye to help me familiarize myself with my surroundings and document the places that Loey and I had been. What started out as just going on walks with my dog, turned into a fascination for nature and learning everything I could about the environment around me.

As a potter, I create utilitarian vessels for everyday use. My forms are first thrown on the potter’s wheel and then altered and pinched to leave my own personal touch, documenting my relationship to the vessel. The imagery on my forms is inspired by the environments I have explored, both as a child and an adult. All of my imagery is painted on with underglazes, and are further activated with sgraffito carvings. My vessels are meant to be touched and encountered on a daily basis, much like the objects I collected from the walks Loey and I took together. My hope is that the user will find their own connection to my vessels and be reminded of their experiences exploring and being surrounded by familiar objects in nature.